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Reiki Dec 18, 2021

As a tarot and oracle card reader and someone who enjoys having her cards read by someone else, I will admit there is quite a thrill in the process. You may not be sure what the cards will reveal or you have a hunch, but you’re still astounded when they say that thing you were thinking they’d bring up. And as soon as we receive our reading, we think of what else the cards will reveal next time.

But here’s the thing – it’s a two way agreement that you have entered into. It’s not just about the cards telling you what you want to hear, in fact they often reveal tough truths you were hoping to avoid. It’s about you taking the responsibility to follow up on the advice that was given. This is why I do not recommend anyone get readings too frequently. There should be space in between sessions for the message to land, to be received, to be integrated, to be acted upon, and for things to be allowed to come to pass if patience was referenced in the message.

There’s a misconception still floating around that tarot cards reveal your future – as if there is only one possible future and one possible outcome! There are multiple futures and endless possibilities in our lives. Always. I am a believer in the multi-universe theory which states that there are infinite parallel universes existing all at the same time. There is one where I am happily married and the only animals in my home are the koi fish in my backyard pond, and another one where I am happily single and have a dog and a cat, but no fish, and quite probably one where I share a tiny house with my partner on a large piece of land and my beloved dog and cat with a koi pond in the garden – so many possibilities! With every decision we make, we are choosing our path. Nothing is written in stone.

What the cards can show you is where you are currently, where you are heading, and what patterns you may or may not be repeating. So if you would like to change where you are heading, then here is your chance and here is some guidance on how to do so.

I understand that it is tempting to quickly try the cards again and try for a different, easier message from the Universe. However, if you do this, don’t be surprised when you get a very similar message from another deck or from the exact same deck after a good shuffle. When I was just starting out, my inner skeptic would want to test the cards again because that first message was just too perfect or too harsh, though accurate. And time after time, I would be proven that yes, this is what the cards are saying. Yes, this is the message Spirit has for you today. So stop doubting! I remember one time I tried the same question three times in a row after shuffling the same deck of tarot cards and the same exact card kept coming up for me. I heard a voice say, “I said what I said!” and I fell off my meditation cushion I was laughing so hard!

If you have experienced this want to get a second opinion, ask yourself what it is you are actually feeling. Do you feel that the reader was off somehow and the messages they were telling you seemed completely off base and didn’t resonate with you? If that’s the case, then by all means please try a different reader you resonate with better.

Or is it that the message coming through the reader is hitting just a little too close to home and you didn’t want to deal with that subject? In that case, I encourage you to make time to sit with your emotions and journal or record yourself speaking out loud about why you didn’t like that reading and why you’re feeling resistant to its guidance. A good reader works on being a clear channel for the divine, so they may not know your personal reasons for resistance. It’s up to you to discern that yourself.

When we keep doing the same things without making any conscious changes, we cannot be surprised when things keep going the same way as before. When we refuse to do our homework like our inner investigations, our shadow work, and act on the guidance given by a tarot or oracle reader, we cannot be surprised when the next reading and the one after are all telling you that the issue remains.

Furthermore, if you ever work with a mentor, coach, or therapist you’ll have your own work to do outside of your sessions. Even if a part of you wishes they could just fix it for you and empower you without you putting in extra effort while you avoid discomfort, it is a partnership. However long that partnership lasts, it is a partnered agreement that includes you taking aligned action. Similarly, tarot or oracle cards cannot do anything for you if you turn away from their message.

We are co-creators in our lives. The divine orchestrates and guides us. But we have free will and we have our innate magic of manifestation. We get the chance to have all these wonderful possibilities in our futures. We owe it to Spirit to follow through as a way of saying, “thank you, I am not taking your blessings and guidance for granted.” And we owe it to ourselves to step up and take inspired action. You’ll see how much more quickly and easily healthy change and blessings come your way. But first we must put in some work and energy to live the life that we truly desire.

First published in ROAR Fierce Feminine Rising, November 2019


Amethyst Oracle

Along with Carolina Isabel Rodriguez

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