“Her reading was super accurate to what I was going through now and really helped me put things in perspective. And she was super sweet about it! 10/10 would get another reading.” – E.E.

“I’ve had a couple of readings done by Carolina and it has been pure magic each time. Her voice messages are delivered a thoughtful, calming, thorough manner that leaves me feeling full of gratitude. I look forward to future interactions with her!” – Linds

“Carolina is a powerful witch! Her card reading and other sage advice to me has always been clarifying and beneficial. Check her out.” – J.M.

“It [the reading] answered questions I had and oddly enough, the guidance of ‘slow down’ was forced on me thanks to the Corona thing. Talk about timing and getting it right!” – Anonymous

“Carolina radiates good energy, compassion, and kindness. I always feel calmer and more hopeful when I am in her presence or doing energy work with her. She has taken the time to hone her craft and her dedication is inspiring. Carolina’s tarot readings have been incredibly insightful and spot-on (to the point of goosebumps). Her reiki is also amazingly soothing. It left me feeling grounded and far less anxious. There are very few people in this world that I trust so openly with energy work; Carolina is one that I trust with my heart and soul.” -L.K.

“Her readings are so spot on! Her clear and beautiful connection to her higher guides comes through with honesty and support. What I love the most is how authentic she is. It feels like speaking to a friend who really wants to help guide you to a path of growth.” – K.M.

“Thank you so much for the intuitive card reading! I am amazed at how deeply your reading resonated with me, and your recording was so enjoyably listenable. Informative, and comfortably supportive. I have a lot to think about after this magical experience with you.” – D.V.

“LOVED this <3 first time doing reiki and I for sure felt all the beautiful energy! Thank you, Carolina!” – @kalinsjourney

“Thank you. Felt a tingling in my neck and shoulders as soon as you started. Then asleep again without clenching my jaw! Nose cleared up and I could breathe w/out being stuffy.” – M.R.  

“The best way to recharge on a Sunday. Thank you for continuing to offer it [Group Distance Reiki].” – Anonymous

“My reading gave me chills! The cards and stones are gorgeous, and Carolina’s interpretation was thoughtful and eloquent. It was just what I needed to hear.” – N.W.

“I was beyond pleased with my tarot reading! The reading helped further solidify the journey I am taking into my future. I gained a deeper understanding of my past and how it has shaped my present. I HIGHLY recommend getting a reading!” – K.Q.

“When I’d reached out for my reading, I was on the verge of needing to make some decisions/changes! The reading gave me the affirmations I needed to stick to my instincts and shift the energies I was putting out and around me in the right direction to rebuild the balance I wanted to bring into the new year! Carolina provided the succinct and direct information in such a way that made me feel so comfortable! She’s so personable and knowledgeable! I can’t wait for my next reading.” – A.S.C.

“When Carolina first posted about reading tarot cards, I knew I wanted her to read mine. After a spiritual cleansing during a solo trip in Santa Fe, I’ve been intrigued by the power of crystals and chakras. I signed on for the Blessings, Challenges and Action reading and Carolina did not disappoint. Her reading was right on target. Having started a new job at the top of the year, I was feeling anxiety about the future and definitely overthinking. Carolina’s reading was the reminder I needed to tap into my intuition and not only listen to my inner voice, but trust it as well. I highly recommend Carolina’s readings to anyone looking to get more in tune with themselves.” – L.T.P.

“Getting a Tarot reading and Crystal Grid from Carolina is far more than a one-time, ‘quick reading’ thing and I’m so glad I took the step to give myself this gift. It’s a very rare and wonderful thing to have a stranger take time over thinking about you. I am still re-reading the Tarot reading explanation she gave me, plus her follow-up notes after I asked questions (which she generously answered in detail and with careful thought) so I feel like this has been a whole experience, rather than just a quick low-down. It’s lovely to feel so ‘heard’ by such a carefully considered and presented reading. I will definitely be treating myself to this experience again, getting a reading!” – R.B.

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