Year Long Look Ahead Tarot Offering - $144

The forces of fate and free will are hotly debated by many. If you are seeking a Tarot reading, you may be more open to the idea of fate or destiny. After all, it has always been referred to as fortune telling or divination for hundreds of years. However, it is not all one or the other. Yes, we can come to terms with some things in our lives - positive or negative - by saying “it was meant to be,” but we are not passive actors on this plane of existence. And Tarot cannot support your best life if you are wishing to live this way.

The reason I do not refer to this reading as fortune or future telling, even as we are taking a look ahead, is because there is not just one possible future out there for you.

Each and every decision you make has an influence on your life and the direction and speed of your life.

Tarot can support you by giving you a heads up about challenges you may soon be facing, as well as blessings and exciting things to look forward to in your potential future, and it can shed some light on some truths you may or may not wish to hear.

Because nothing is set in stone and you are a co-creator of your life, you get to take this Year Long Look Ahead and decide which actions to continue, which to discontinue, and how to respond and prepare for what is up ahead for you.

You will receive a private voice recording along with a photo of your cards so you may listen and digest the message in your own time. One can expect the recorded readings to run about an hour and a half.

Please get in touch to book this expansive, lengthy offering as availability is limited.

New Moon Reading Flash Sale - $33 (or $44 with add-on appointment)

New Moon intentions are wonderful, but what if you are feeling unclear? What if you’re not sure what you should be focusing on or growing with the New Moon? What if you’re not even sure where you are right now, much less where you should be headed?

That’s where I come in.

No need to share with me where you think you are or what is on your mind, as the cards have a way of showing.

The cards and I can offer guidance through a New Moon Reading – a personal reading recorded privately that you can listen to as many times as you need, along with a photo of your cards, 3 tarot and 1 oracle card, to help round out the message and support you during this transition period.

The reading itself is not a LIVE appointment together, however some clients do enjoy booking the add-on Integration Appointment so that we can come together and discuss the reading in detail and they can have their questions answered. This 20 min Integration Appointment is conducted on Zoom after the client has already listened to their private recorded reading.

Please allow 24-48 hours from the acceptance of payment to receive your recorded reading.

As this reading occurs around every New Moon and disappears just as quickly, it is helpful to follow the Amethyst Oracle Carolina Isabel on social media to know when this is happening.

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