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Return of Group Reiki

Reiki Jan 22, 2022

This past weekend I hosted my first Group Reiki Healing Session of the year 2022! I took a few months off because I needed to step back from the monthly schedule and step back from energy work for others when River got sick and passed away. There were times there where I could hardly function and get through my own energy self-care, any self-care really, and was not in a good space to provide such energy work for a group of others.

These Group Distance Reiki Healing Sessions started as weekly, then monthly community offerings when the covid-19 pandemic arrived in North America. Things were shutting down, people were losing income and access to their typical sources of relaxation and relief, and I felt like I needed to do something to help. But what could I do? What could I do to help this pandemic when I was not a frontline health care worker nor any type of scientist that could help with research?

One of my perennial affirmations is there is always something you can do.

Sometimes it’s not what you think it is. And sometimes the something you can do is less action oriented, but resting or stepping away from a situation is something you can do.

When one is feeling overwhelmed with negative news, one understandably can falter and forget their own magic.

What had I been studying for the past 2 years after all?


So while I was still at the middle level, level 2, I began to offer what assistance I could to the collective. Then in May of 2020 I received my Reiki Master Level certificate from a wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable Reiki Master Teacher.

Since that May, I felt my capacity increase and as well as my confidence to hold larger gatherings. Most of my monthly Group Distance Reiki Healing Sessions have a handful of repeat participants with a sprinkling of new people. It’s a good group.

These Group Distance Reiki Healing Sessions are purposely low cost to join because it is my intention to make them more easily accessible to those who would be interested in them. And sadly we are still experiencing the effects of this pandemic and many have lost income because of it, so if I can lend some relief and energy healing from a safe distance that can help any and everyone interested in this work, then I want to keep it low cost and low stress.

The world would be a much better place if everyone had access to Reiki by either receiving it or conducting it, or both!

One thing that keeps popping up for me as spiritual truth is that this is much bigger than just you. All of this is bigger than you. Not in a mean-spirited way, but it’s not all about you. So if you have a gift, it is not given to you to hoard it, it is given to you to share it.

So while I knew some time away from conducting my Group Reiki sessions was needed, there also came a time when I needed to trust I was good enough for conducting this work once again, even if I had some trepidation. The hesitation and trepidation was actually all because I had taken the time. Thoughts like, “could I still do this?” or “had I lost my touch?” ran through my head making me almost want to postpone my return further – which, of course, would have just prolonged my trepidation and my self-doubt.

But Reiki is so much bigger than just me. Reiki is beyond me. Reiki is not just about me. It is about and for everyone. So my higher self knew I needed to shut out the voices of doubt, book my next group session, and trust in the energy.

Just like I tell my clients to trust the process, I needed to remember to trust the process.

Trust Reiki.

Because it’s not just about me. I am merely a conductor.

It was joyous, soul-fulfilling, and humbling my first Group Distance Reiki Healing Session of the new year.

Hope you’ll join me for the next one or the next one after that.

Online Group Distance Reiki Healing Session
Group Distance Reiki Session1 full hour guided meditation & gentle energy healing Receive online & at home


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