Live Oracle Session

Session: 60 min - $144

I will hold sacred space for you to share what is on your mind and on your heart. I will keep your session confidential. I will deeply listen to you. I will sit in silence with you, if that is what you need. I will witness your tears, should you have them.

This session will be on Zoom, but will not be recorded by me on my end. You are free to record it if you like. The taking of notes is greatly encouraged during session.

Each LIVE Oracle Session is unique as it is tailored to each individual, however there are a few things you can expect.

You can expect for me to lead us in a short meditation to begin our hour together. Then we discuss what you’d like to discuss. We pull some tarot and oracle cards, and likely use another form of divination. And we will also go over tools you can take with you for tuning into your own intuition after our session is over.

While this is a space to share what is on your mind and your heart, I want to be clear that I am not a licensed mental health professional nor a psychologist, although I have years of experience going to more traditional talk therapy. Therefore, I will not be diagnosing anything nor encouraging you to take or refrain from taking any medication. I am also not a trained or trauma-informed nutritionist, so I will not be telling you to change your nutritional routine or prescribing any diet. I may, however, make suggestions on some additions you can look into and see if they work for your overall nourishment – such as eating some root vegetables and hearty foods when you are feeling ungrounded and unbalanced in the Root Chakra.

This Oracle Session can be a wonderful compliment, but is not meant to replace traditional professional therapy. I say this out of respect and as clarity for anyone wishing to work with me in this way. While I have known some psychologists and therapists who were less than fabulous, I do respect the profession as a whole and recognize its benefit for most anyone.

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