Carolina Isabel

I am a Radical Reiki Master as of May 2020. I have lead group distance Reiki sessions for individuals and groups as well as for animals and Mother Earth. More recently, I have opened up to mentoring sensitive souls one-on-one.

I am a first-generation American with ancestral ties to Central America. I was named after my grandmother who was highly intuitive who passed away before I started to cultivate my abilities.

I have been on my own journey for deep healing and returning to self for several years now. My path has lead me through experiences with traditional and non-traditional therapies, some of which reinforced the message that being highly sensitive, or an intense feeler, was something negative to control or keep under wraps. My ancestors and my intuition are my main teachers now.

I have always had a great connection with animals and currently live with my beloved dog and cat who help keep me grounded and paying attention to the good and simple things in life. Animals are some of the best teachers in this world and in the spirit realm as well.

I am and have always been a highly sensitive person, but I spent years of my life suppressing this truth because I used to believe that being so sensitive with intense feelings and emotions was a bad thing.  I now know that this denying of an integral part of myself was what led me to be depressed for most of my life and suicidal for some time. It has been such a gift to grow beyond that period in time and to be here now helping others connect with life’s magic and to support them on their own journeys as sensitive people with good boundaries in this world.

While the over-culture may be working with the paradigm that being sensitive is a bad thing, I work with the paradigm that it is a very good thing. 

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