I am a first-generation American with ancestral ties to Central America. I was named after my grandmother who was highly intuitive and who passed away before I started to cultivate my abilities. I am a cat mom and a dog mom, though my old boy passed away October 2021.

I have always had a great connection with animals, felt I could easily understand their emotional states. Animals are some of the best teachers in this world and in the spirit realm. I am deepening my connection as a student of Animal Communication. Also, I have worked as a personalized pet sitter for over a decade. Before my spiritual awakening, I earned my bachelor’s degree in political science.

It has been such a gift to be here now helping others connect with life’s magic and to assist them on their journeys through my readings and Reiki sessions.

While the over-culture may be working with the paradigm that being sensitive is a bad thing, I work with the paradigm that it is a very good thing. I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

I have been practicing Reiki since 2017 and became a Reiki Master in May 2020. I have led group distance Reiki sessions for Mother Earth, in addition to performing healing sessions for people and pets. I offer Oracle Sessions 1:1, as well as free community readings on social media for Tarot Tuesday, accessibly priced Group Distance Reiki Healing Sessions (an offering that began as the pandemic arrived in North America) and 1:1 Tarot readings.

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