Statement on Recent Association in a Newsletter with an unacceptable joke (*content warning*)

Good Morning,

Four days ago, my name was included with an organization’s newsletter without my knowledge, consent, or approval. The language of that emailed newsletter was not only personally offensive, but incongruous to who I am, my brand of Carolina Isabel, and also the idea of what I would expect from a healing refuge.

I have to speak because not saying anything would appear as silent approval of this message.

Many of you know that I share my home with my beloved dog and cat as I often share them regularly in my Instagam & Facebook content. Some of you know that my day job is as a pet sitter. That has been the case for about ten years now. This all in addition to having grown up with cats in the home all my life and I have volunteered with humane societies and animal shelters as well. So it should not be surprising that I greatly value the level of care the animals in my home and under my care receive.

I may objectively have high standards when it comes to this (I feed my pets very high quality, costly food and supplements, and give them regular care and medication at a highly reputable and costly vet clinic – which I do not expect everyone to be able to provide to their animals), yet one tenant of pet care that is indisputable is the basic fact that all pets in the home should be spayed and neutered, unless of course there is a medical reason it would be too risky for them at that time, but that is rare.

Cats and dogs can reproduce remarkably quickly and while advancements have been achieved, it is still an estimated 1.5 million cats and dogs that are euthanized each year in the U.S. alone due to over population, and those are only the ones recorded because there are countless others who live and die without any veterinary care when they could use it. Yes, things are less easily accessible when one lives in the countryside as opposed to a city, yet efforts can be made by veterinary clinics and individuals. Efforts had been made before with the other cats in this location, I was since assured, but were not made in this case which led to aggression, a surprise pregnancy of a cat, and then the unfortunate “joke” that made its way into the newsletter.

We live in the time of Me Too, the movement started by Tarana Burke to end sexism and sexual violence, which all of us in this community are aware of whether we work in the healing or spiritual entrepreneurial world or not. Even if one is not often on social media, one has awareness of this movement in the news these past years because it has helped us learn just how prevalent sexual violence is, how we all know someone who has lived through it, and how we do not have to just put up with it. I think highly of my online community and support as I know they are sensitive and socially aware people. I know we can agree that rape jokes are in very bad taste in 2021 and particularly shocking when they come from an organizer in the healing community.

I opened this newsletter from Terrea Luma, a healing refuge in Poland co-founded by my partner for an upcoming workshop, a few days ago excited to see a picture of two cats at the top with a Netflix-like banner. This should be a fun story, I thought, even as I was a bit confused by the title “GAYSAD.” I couldn’t wait to hear the cute story. But after just two lines, I realized I was in for something completely different. A rape joke. That’s how the co-founder of the healing refuge chose to speak on the events, of how everyone thought these two were both males who acted aggressively sometimes and just happened to have sex – but the newsletter explicitly stated “Mr Keaton was constantly raping Zodiak Kris.” So unfortunately, instead of having a veterinarian check out the cats as soon as possible to see if they were male or female and spay or neuter them, or successfully separating the one cat from the other who was “constantly raping” the them, the signal to do something was the pregnancy of the female cat Zodiac Kris.

My joint event with my good friend Sarah and co-founder of Terrea Luma, the Activation and Divination, scheduled for May 16th was included in this same newsletter and approved by her, but not approved by me. I emailed back with my concerns addressing my email to both Maciek and Sarah. I have been in discussion with Sarah and she has updated me that the cats are now being sterilized, but that the two kittens sadly died. All of this suffering could have been prevented.

Sarah and I have been friends for some time and have valued each other highly. I have recommended and referred my community to her and to Terrea Luma the healing refuge on numerous occasions. She has personally apologized to me, but relayed the message that Maciek – the author of that “funny story” – will not be responding to me, nor sharing an apology, nor any clarifying statement, publicly or privately. I have not received any word directly from him at the time of this writing.

We all seek healers and guides who align with us, so I share this with you to state clearly – if you could not yet tell by following my work and social media presence – I do not align, nor agree, nor approve of what happened with the cats under the roof of the Terrea Luma nor do I align, nor agree, nor approve of Maciek’s storytelling.

I am adding the newsletter for context so you, reader, can see the situation and decide for yourself.

I am so sorry this had to happen.

All the best,

Carolina Isabel

Link to Newsletter

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